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Guywire's 40 Day Study - The Word - Day 9

Jesus is a messenger. One sent by The Father. One who speaks with authority. One who is sharing with you the knowledge of The Father. Jesus speaks these words to cause us to sit up in our seats and heed what we are hearing and reading, for these words are valuable.

We’ve been looking at what it means to approach God’s Word with a learner’s mindset. We should seek His Word and really absorb His Word. He makes a consistent promise to teach us the things of Himself and the knowledge we need to navigate this life. Jesus reinforces His teaching role in this passage.

But what do we do with this knowledge? Christ tells us the key to knowing God, the key to realizing the impact of that relationship in our days is obedience. He ties this obedience of God’s Word to demonstrating how we feel towards God. He does this in the midst of promising continued learning as He promises The Holy Spirit will continue our education further down in this chapter.

Jesus links teaching, obedience and love to a close relationship with God. This linkage illustrates the impact we can know when we not only lean into The Word, but also apply it. When we do, The Father, The Son and The Spirit reside with us in this life.

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