Theme Based Ministry

Each year we offer growth opportunities centered around a new theme to help men know God in unique ways and realize His involvement in their lives.

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 Anew Theme for Year 11!


The Word of God is Truth

The Word of God is unchanging

The Word of God matters to every area of our life

The Word of God has the answers we need to decisions in life

The Word of God give us direction

The Word of God instills Hope

The Word of God is how we Know God

The Word of God is how we find the salvation of Jesus 

Join us this year as we explore The Word of God in new ways that illustrate how valuable His Words are to every detail of our daily lives.

God calls us to study His Word to that we may understand the truths and promises He has for us. So that we may understand Him.


 Join us this year as we unpack the Word of God in ways that give new light to our lives.

It all starts on June 11th as we Kickoff this year's CONNECT Experience


The Experience includes Worship - Speakers - Breakout Sessions

Breakfast included

CONNECT Experience 2021

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CONNECT Experience 
The Theme - PRAISE.
(Remember What The Lord has done)
Teachings and Worship

CONNECT Experience 2021


A Unique Experience

that dives deep into each year’s theme


The Experience includes:

CONNECT Kickoff Event

with Speakers, Worship, Breakout

Sessions &


Followup 40 Day Study

with daily email encouragements 

Men's Studies


Men's Group Studies

Series of studies that unpack

CONNECT topics in group settings


Summer Study

Weekly email study that travels with you

and dives deeper into CONNECT topics


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Guywire ADVANCE is a 9 month discipleship focused mentoring process. ADVANCE triads include one mentor and two mentees.

These unique men’s small groups focus on spiritual development, leadership development and connection building.