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The CONNECT Experience 

Took Place March 23rd

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Theme - His Way

  • Specific Ways we are called to live

  • How God models these ways for us

  • How His Ways impact our days

  • The Benefits of walking in His Ways

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The New 40 Day Study "His Way" - 

FREE 40 Day Email Study – with daily email encouragements

This study unpacks the topics from CONNECT event on March 23rd. 

Gain understanding in the ways of God and discover their tangible impact in our daily lives.

Connect 2024 Talks
Understand The Ways of God and how they can change your daily life.

Talk "Loving Ways"

Speakers - Greg Hegerich


  • God's way is Love

  • Love is the cornerstone of The Word

  • Through the course of The Bible, God shows us and calls us to Love

  • We are loved by God, that love is unconditional like a father loving a child

  • If God is Love and we are of him, we should therefore Love ourselves

  • Jesus calls us to love one another and we can do so more freely by recognizing God's love for us and living in a humble love of ourselves

Talk "Right and Just"

Speaker - Bob Davidson & Scott Chapman


  • We need to be rightly aligned with His Ways

  • Being aligned with God’s Ways requires committing to do so, yielding our hearts to God, and obeying Him

  • Righteousness and Justice are foundational qualities of God

  • Jesus provides us the example of living a just and righteous life

Talk "Ways of God"

Speaker - Derek Churchill


  • God's Ways are better than our ways. They lead to better outcomes and a better life.

  • God calls us to walk in the way of Peace and occupy the role of Peacemaker. 

  • Jesus modeled the ultimate Way of God, the way of Prayer.

Connect Worship 2021
Led by the Guywire Worship Band 


"Our God"

"Reckless Love"

"Behold Him"

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