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Guywire's 40 Day Study - HOPE - Day 1

Welcome! We are excited to walk this unique journey with all of you over the next several weeks.

We pray your hearts be opened to what God wants each of you to learn. We are thankful to God for the growth that will be evident in your life as a result of leaning into His Word during this time.

Today’s Encouragement:

There are many blessings recited in the Bible for many different aspects of our lives. Today’s passage is a two part blessing.

It refers first to those who look up to God for help. This chapter contrasts the difference between those who look to man for help versus those who look to Our Lord. It paints a vivid picture of the consequences of relying on man in contrast to the numerous benefits of first looking to God when we face challenges in our days.

The second part of this passage sums up the differentiator for our sources of help. Be fully aware and discerning who you place your hope in. Only hope in God can be truly relied upon to never disappoint us.

Over the next 40 days we will learn about what a mature hope is, how to develop it and the qualities this kind of hope has on our lives. You will gain an understanding that Hope is not just the nice word we use in everyday language. Hope in God, a mature Hope in Him, is actionable and has a direct bearing on how we navigate hope challenged days.

This study will impart to you the inescapable truth, the strength of our foundation of Hope and Confidence in God is directly linked to the maturity of our relationship with Him.

Welcome to the 40 Day Study.

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We are here for you. If any of you has questions or needs to talk with one of us in the weeks ahead, please contact us.

If there is anyone you know who would like to receive this email please email us.

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