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Guywire's 40 Day Study - The Word - Day 8

Motivation. As a young man, I’ll confess right now that I wasn’t often motivated to achieve, to do well, to…win. But something happened around the time my kids came along. I began to feel some drive. I started feeling some ambition, desiring better, wanting to be the best. I started wanting to win. I found real motivation. Funny thing is, that’s also about the time I got serious about my Christian walk, and my relationship with Jesus, The Living Word.

Not long ago I was channel surfing one evening when I happened across something really fascinating. It was a track and field event of some sort, and there was a hotly contested race in progress. The lead runner was flat out; I mean he was just eating up that track. The fascinating part? The runner was blind. He was running with a guide! Think about that for a moment. As fast as the runner was, the guide had to be just as fast; in fact, half a step faster. The guide had to be absolutely reliable, and able to go the distance. The guide had to be able to issue a steady stream of communication to the runner, because the runner was following the guide’s words. The guide’s words were always just out in front of the runner, motivating, correcting, cajoling, supporting. The runner was laying it all out there while trusting his guide, and the guide was laying it all out there too, never faltering, never slowing, always in perfect position.

By the way, the blind guy won that race…a half step behind his guide.

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