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Guywire's 40 Day Study - The Word - Day 3

Today we read from Moses’ words to the Israelites. He opens the chapter by explaining that he is listing commands that God directed him to teach the people.

How would we react to such a statement today? Learning God’s word should excite us. Unfortunately, our modern culture would probably react to such a statement negatively. We think following God’s word will ruin our lives and make us bored and somber.

If we keep reading, however, we learn that God wants something different for us. For the ancient Israelites, following God’s laws was to lead to an enjoyable, long life. They would “increase greatly in a land flowing with milk and honey.”

God has a plan for us. Part of that plan involves us learning His word so we can follow it. Let us do just that.

Your Brothers in Christ,

Guywire Ministry

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