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Guywire's 40 Day Study - The Word - Day 27

This passage identifies Jesus as The Word incarnate. He is the living promise. Jesus came to keep God’s promise to be near to us.

This passage also identifies Jesus’ other role in our life. In the midst of the struggles we have all endured, we have a way through. We have a tether to a profound, life impacting truth, God also sent His Word to preserve our life, here.

As God gave the Israelites a pillar of fire in the desert to guide them for 40 years, all the days of their lives, so God has given His Word, Jesus, to be the light in our days. First to guide you back into a relationship with God. Then to be the light that guides you through all the minute details of your days. Through all the decisions you have to make or pathes you need to choose from, this pillar of light, that is Jesus, is a compass. He is this light of life. A light that is for all the moments of your lives.

It states in Psalm 112, even in the darkness light dawns for the upright. In the midst of everything swirling around us. In the midst of sickness, conflict, struggles getting basic necessities, violence, inflation, we can still see a way through, because of the light that Christ pours onto the path ahead of us.

Jesus, The Word, was there in the beginning of our world and He is there in the beginning of each day of your life.

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