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Guywire's 40 Day Study - The Word - Day 26

How’s your faith these days?

These past several years have taken a toll on many of us.The stressors, the worries, the unknown has caused cracks in the foundation for many men. The constant barrage of health concerns have worn us down. Add to this the financial issues, job issues the list goes on.

All of this has stacked up in such a way as to grind us down.

This is how the psalmist must have felt when he wrote these words. He was ground down by his troubles. He was laid low with the burdens he was carrying. But he still had hope.

He remembered God’s promises to him, to us. He reflects the words of God back to our Savior. Preserve my life, according to Your Word. According to Your promise.

He does something here we all need to do, wield The Word. Pray it, speak it, reflect it in our hearts and out loud. Use The Word to lift your eyes to God. To the One who promises to help us through the struggles we face.

God made two big promises when He committed to preserve your life. First, He promised to preserve your eternal life through The Living Word, Jesus. His sacrifice on the cross paved your way back into the presence of God.

However, God didn’t stop there. Time and again in His Words, He makes a commitment to care about what you care about. To walk beside you. To be involved in the details of your days. He wants to preserve your life here as well.

Whatever you are facing. Whatever cracks may exist in your faith. Look up from the dust. Wield The Word, For your Father has not forgotten His promises to you.

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