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Guywire's 40 Day Study - The Word - Day 14

I can’t help but think of the joke that goes, “It hurts when I do this.” The reply comes back, “Then don’t do it.”

As one of our dear friends is fond of saying, “Says easy, does hard.”

God clearly lays out in this scripture that obeying His commands will go well with us. The God of the universe is our coach and the play for success He is calling is obedience to His Word.

So often out of pride or rebellion we decide we are going to call our own plays. We continue to do this despite the amount of times that our own decisions hurt us, in fact they don’t go well with us.

It’s half time and it is time to make a course correction. Our play book is not going to get us the victory.

The more we follow God’s commands the surer our path to eternal victory becomes. It’s time to trust that Coach God has our best interest at heart and will lead us to the promised land.

It is well, it is well with my soul.

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