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Guywire's 40 Day Study - Praise - Day 27


The Resurrection of Christ is the moment that everything changed. The proof that Jesus conquered death. This is one of the most controversial statements of our faith. This defining moment has set the course for our lives. It is one thing to entertain the idea that Jesus rose from the dead but to accept it, believe it and embrace it changes who we are. It aligns us to our Maker and how everything has been designed.

Knowing that Jesus’ life here on earth was the same physical life as ours connects us. He did not have to say “See I am like you. I feel what mortals feel. I bleed like you.” He didn’t have to say any of that because He lived it. His life is the example to us that we need to learn from. Reading about His death and watching different film versions of the brutal, horrendous way He died is too much to take. I remember having to look away from the screen when watching “The Passion of the Christ” film, but I also remember knowing that if Jesus went through this for me then I have to watch it. I forced myself to watch it.

If Christ’s life just ended at the crucifixtion then what a lonely, sad and hopeless life we would have…but it did not end there. He rose from the dead. Not only did He rise from the dead He came to many people and here in this passage we get to hear from one of them, Paul. Paul directly tells us that yes Jesus came to me too. Paul’s statement isn’t folklore or a hope or a second hand story….it is a direct statement that he met Christ after His death. Take heart men in knowing that we have the direct word from Paul in these versus.

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