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Guywire's 40 Day Study - Praise - Day 23


There are only a handful of chapters in Psalms that bring to bear all 4 Acts of Praise we’ve been discussing, today’s passage is one of them. Here you see Praise in action. Praise with intention shifts our focus to God. Praise puts our eyes on the One who can help us, who desires to help us no matter our circumstances.

Today’s passage illustrates a powerful lesson. It recounts the people willingly walking away from the ways of God. Yet it also highlights the faithfulness of God to keep His Word. Even in the midst of their rebellion God responded to the people’s cry for help. When we praise God it puts us in a place to receive His grace in tangible ways in our lives. Here we see God moved on their behalf even in captivity to lesson their burden by causing their captors to show them mercy. We also learn there is no limit to how many times God will respond to us, for God always desires us to be in His presence.

The psalmist calls on God to move again and gather the people together so they may give thanks to Him and glory in His praise. He writes this because he knows there is something uniquely satisfying when God’s people come together and occupy a place of gratitude and praise for how He has moved.

No matter where you are today, no matter where you find yourself in life, remember, God is always there when we need Him. Let us be thankful that He always hears us.

Your Brothers in Christ,

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