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Guywire's 40 Day Study - Praise - Day 14


Boy can we forget.

Imagine what that must have been like to be an eye witness at a gathering of thousands and to witness everyone eating to the fill on five loaves and a few fish.

To be witness to the miracle of the bread and The Bread of be in the boat with Jesus and still be - how should I put this - utterly clueless.

Well. I can relate. I’ve been there. Not able to understand that Jesus’ provision for me in all things is without limit. Fretful and overwhelmed.

You see, the limitation is in us. But as we grow in Christ our limit becomes His infinite possibility. We are the ones who must press in and learn at the feet of The Master. Then our understanding of and relationship with Jesus deepens. As His disciples, that is our purpose.

Your Brothers in Christ,

Guywire Ministry

Copyright 2021

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