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40 Day Study -Understanding - Day 37


As we meet the travelers, they are rehashing the incredible events of the past three days.  Jesus...put on trial, convicted, death on a cross, now reported to be alive.  How could it be?  

Clearly they were still viewing the events through the lens of their human eyes.  There is no hint that they expected the resurrection.  What was their level of understanding of Jesus’ predictions and the teachings of the prophets one might ask?    

Then the traveler appears.  I’m reminded of a line in the 90’s song “what if God was one of us...just a stranger on the bus trying to make His way home”.  Isn’t it just like Jesus to appear incognito?  Not riding along the road on a blazing chariot, but just another traveler.  And isn’t it just like us to be clueless?  To be in a heart condition where The Word is not recognized, not understood.  

The turning point is the invitation. Jesus gets asked to come in and, of course, He accepts.  Then Jesus reveals himself and things get a whole lot clearer.  That’s what happens when we ask Jesus in.  He will always say yes.  And when He comes in, then the relationship begins and our understanding of our friend who lays down His life for us moves us toward our utmost.

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