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40 Day Study -Understanding - Day 16


Have you ever felt alone? Most of us have felt alone at some time or another.  It’s a terrible feeling. The good news for us is that Jesus reassures us that we will never be alone.

Today’s passage picks up at the Last Supper.  It’s only a day before the death of Jesus, and it’s probably only hours before His arrest. Jesus is sharing a meal with men who are not only His dear friends, but the ones who will carry on His mission. Jesus seems as if He is speaking with a sense of urgency, knowing that they need to understand what He is saying. It reminds me of times when I have told my children things that carry special urgency, like the first time I left them home alone, or the first time I gave them the car keys. You really need to be careful because…

Jesus wasn’t telling the eleven men at the table to be careful, however. Instead, He was telling them about the incredible gift of The Holy Spirit.  It’s interesting that in the original Greek, the work paraclete is difficult for most commentators to translate. It means so many things: advocate, witness, intercessor, mediator, spokesman, comforter, helper. Literally, it is “one called alongside to help.” And, this one called alongside us as we read in verse 16, will “be with you forever.”

It should be both comforting and exciting for us to realize we have The Holy Spirit in our lives.  Let us call upon The Spirit to understand God’s Word and guide us in our daily living.

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