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30 Days of Hope - Day 21

Brothers and Sisters,

Right now so many of us struggle daily with the attention of other things. We are wrapped up in the circumstances of navigating this crisis, whether it be our provision, needs or struggles. These things have become a giant wave in our eyes. Today's passage exhorts us not to limit our perception to our circumstances.

We must remember this simple but profound truth of who God is. Regardless of this wave crashing upon our daily existence, regardless of this storm raging around the world, He is Bigger than all of it. Only, Christ walked on the waves. Only, Christ calmed the storms. How much more can He silence a pandemic.

We all have real needs right now. Few of us have ever had to give the attention to these things in ways we are now doing. We’re all wondering about finances, what is available at the store today, and the health of our loved ones. Uncertainty is fighting to cloud our vision. Don’t let it.

Focus your attention on God. He is your source of Hope, your source of provision and your source of peace. He will meet you where you are today. Bring your needs, your requests and your fears to Him. Let Him lead you into provision, into ways of meeting your needs that defy your expectations.  

This shift in focus moves us out of the fear of feeling alone to face these days, this moves us from sleepless nights wondering how to meet the next day's needs. Focusing our attention on God allows His Spirit to raise our spirits to a place of peace and trust that our needs will be provided for and a certainty of who is doing the providing.

Your relationship with God has a tangible impact. Don't leave it out of the equation as you navigate these days. 

Yours Brothers in Christ,

Guywire Ministry

We are here for you. If any of you has questions or needs to talk with one of us in the weeks ahead, please contact us.

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