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CHRISTmas Message from Guywire

Wise men Praise God.

These are not only words for today, they are words to live by.

Today’s passage is a reminder of that. We are called to remember what God has done and Praise Him for moving on our behalf.

Today’s passage from Psalms came after a recounting of many challenges the people of Israel faced. Things that seemed insurmountable to them. Yet every time God drew near, calmed the raging storm and rescued His people. This Psalm called on them to take this to heart.

A timely reminder in this stormy season. Whether it is the global storm we are all enduring or the storms in our own lives, many are feeling beaten down, filled with dread and losing hope for the future.

Now is the time to remember the reason we celebrate this day.

Remember three men who have universally been considered wise. But why were they wise? Were they wise for their own deeds or were they wise because they understood the importance of answering God’s call to praise.

In their day they looked up, they looked up above the challenges in their lives and chose to obey. They did this through their act of Praise. They traveled across many lands to exalt God as He drew near to them. Standing at that manger, they praised Jesus with intentionality by their deeds and with their mouths. They took to heart all that God had promised and what He had done. To this day we still call them wise.

Let us heed what God has done for us. In the midst of this storm, God is still in control. God is still sovereign. Today is the time to remember and understand.

Today commit an Act of Praise to God. If you are in need, cry out to Him and acknowledge the One who can help. If you are grateful, give Him thanks. If He has moved in your life, take time to remember and recount this testimony to others. If you understand the immense love shown as God drew near to us in Jesus being born this day, praise Him for He is still near.

As we understand why God called three men to come and publicly praise His Son, we will understand He intended this as an example for us. When we consider this, we will understand why God still calls us to praise Him. To lift our eyes above the storm.

Wise men Remember and Praise God.

"Those who are wise will take all this to heart;

they will see in our history the faithful love of the Lord."

Psalm 107:43

Your Brothers in Christ,

Guywire Ministry

Copyright 2020

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