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Impact of Understanding #6

The straight course. The right path. This is the singular focus for men of understanding. They purse it relentlessly. They keep a keen eye out for changes in direction, turns along the road, and distractions that can lead them on the the wrong heading.

Men of understanding are so focused because they know the source of the course they follow. Psalm 25:4 states “Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths”. These words describe a critical point of interaction between God and man. As men we are always seeking direction in life. From the day to day decisions we must navigate, to the big purpose questions of our our lives. God desires to show us the best path to take. The one He has planned for us.

The difference between men of understanding and men of foolish intent is the discernment they employ.

Men who ignore the wisdom of God find joy in their lack of judgement. That is the message that today’s Proverb is conveying. Beware this behavior. It leads to missteps, wasted time and misery. Men who choose this kind of living are destitute of discernment.

Men who heeds God’s plans acquire understanding and wisdom in how to walk through each day of their life. They avoid peril.

At the heart of this choice is humility. When we are humble enough to know that we don’t know everything for our lives, God steps into that place with a gift of discernment. When we lack humility and determine we know better than God we occupy a place of obstinacy towards Him. We substitute spiritual wisdom for reliance on our own natural instincts.

One choice leads along a path that is blessed, efficient and filled with intel for life we could never acquire ourselves. The other choice is a mixed bag, fraught with detours and filled with bad information for basing decisions on.

What path are you walking today? Do you really understand where you are going?

Your Brothers in Christ,

Guywire Ministry

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