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Impact of Understanding #4


It’s reached new levels this year.

It seems to have replaced live sports as the preferred entertainment in this highly charged environment.

So much is swirling about us right now. Global health crisis, social crisis issues, political strife just to name a few. It seems all there is to life is to shout our opinions louder than the next person. Many are just repeating arguments and lobbing the same verbal grenades at each other. The effect of this is brutalizing our neighbors, our friends. 


The antidote to derision.

A discernment of not only what to say but when to say something, or even when not to say something. That is the mark or true understanding. When to hold our tongue.

I read an article last week that spoke along the same lines.  About praying when and when not to engage. The point being made was that sometimes the right move is not to engage when it will add gasoline to the fire. It was a call for prayerful discernment in Christians.

Knowing I was writing this blog this week the article rang true. The impact of leaning more and more into God is the understanding and wisdom that you receive. This is spiritual understanding and wisdom. It is something not available to those not walking with God.  The byproduct of this spiritual wisdom is discernment. It is a promised byproduct from 1 Corithians 2:14-16. Those who live Spirit-led lives will be able to evaluate or discern all things yet they themselves are not subject to human judgement.

The person of understanding is able to use discernment as a tool. They avoid pitfalls and traps of the tongue.  They avoid misusing words meant to correct their neighbor but instead harm, crush or incite them.

This is not a case to stay silent in the midst of these days. Freedom of speech is one of our most cherished and powerful freedoms.

This is a case to invite The Spirit into your speech.  When you do, you access and display understanding and wisdom. The outflow of which is discernment. And discernment will guard you.  Discernment will arm you. Discernment will show you the power of the aptly spoken word.  

So that when you speak it will be God inspired and life producing. Your words will carry true weight.

Your Brothers in Christ,

Guywire Ministry

Copyright 2020

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