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Impact of Understanding #3

What do you delight in?  What makes you happy? 

Today’s passage discusses the behavior of a fool versus the behavior of a man of understanding.

The fool lacks understanding. All his ways seem right to him. He lacks discernment and prudence.  He lacks judgement and consideration of his ways before he speaks and acts. He courts upheaval and confusion. He does not realize that his behavior is destructive to himself and those around him.

In contrast the man of understanding displays a high level of awareness. He is aware of what motivates him. He is aware of his priorities and they are set in right order.  He wields discernment and knowledge as a weapon in life against foolish behaviors and foolish acts. He is a person of rationality who thinks about the consequences of his words and decisions before he speaks and acts. Consequently, he is a blessing to those around him. 

The foolish man delights in evil schemes and acts. There is no boundary line for him. He is not governed by beliefs or values.  There is no such thing as going too far.

The man of understanding delights in wisdom. He knows that Godly wisdom is the pathway to success in life. He knows that Spirit-led living and the spiritual wisdom that results will help him avoid missteps and wrong paths. His belief in God governs his life and directs his footsteps. It is this God given wisdom that teaches him when to move and when to stand still. 

If it seems that the man of understanding has more depth and impactful behaviors than the foolish man, he does. 

Foolish living led by foolish behaviors is a life lived at the surface. Living a life of spiritual understanding is a life lived in deep waters.

What kind of life delights you?

Your Brothers in Christ,

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