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Impact of Understanding #2

How many of you are where you thought you’d be? 

Looking back on the road of your life how straight does it look from the time when you laid out the plans for your life?

If you’re like me the place I’m standing today doesn’t reflect at all the plans I dreamed up in my youth. My life has been anything but a straight road. It’s filled with twists and turns and event turnabouts (rotaries for those in New England) as I became stuck in areas along the way.

I came to know Christ in my youth, but then I spent decades not really including Him in my travel plans. I gave Him my heart but not my days. I saw Him as the savior of my eternity but not the savior of this life.

I was trusting my own understanding for navigation.  A flawed plan. I held at arm's length a vast knowledge and wisdom that was freely available to me. An understanding of God's plan for my life that was a much straighter road.  A life that did not waste time.  

Along the way I had a behavior shift. I shifted my life from passively taking in God’s input to intentionally seeking it out. Along the way I learned the impact of pursuing understanding of God and the wisdom that resulted. Along the way I learned that I had a mentor to teach me and mature me in this spiritual knowledge, The Holy Spirit.

Where are you today?  Is God involved in the plans of your life and if not why?

What behaviors are keeping you from tapping into this wellspring of wisdom from God?

Choose intentionality.  Choose to make Jesus the savior of the details of your life and He will straighten out the road ahead.

Your Brothers in Christ,

Guywire Ministry

Copyright 2020

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