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Guywire's 40 Day Study - The Word - Day 5

Let’s see if this triggers any memories…

Dad: Did I tell you not to have the chocolate before dinner?

4 year old son: Yeah.

Dad: Did you eat it anyway?

4 year old son: No.

Dad: Then why are your fingers and mouth covered in chocolate?

Busted. Maybe this is familiar because in the conversation above, you’ve been the Dad. Maybe it’s because you’ve been the guilty 4 year old. Either way, most of us can relate.

Deceit seems to come naturally to us. Some say it’s innate. To conceal the truth has another name - lying. Not only do we lie to others, we lie to ourselves. We deceive ourselves into believing all kinds of lies that, over time, we believe as truth.

A common phrase heard today in many different contexts is “this is my truth”. This gives us a wide berth to rationalize all kinds of behavior. Behavior that becomes a way of life and that typically leads us farther from God and His Truth.

The psalmist reminds us that we need a remedy for our deceit tendency. First we need grace. The grace that comes from God through Jesus Christ is the only way we can have spiritual salvation and renewal. Second, once we accept His Amazing Grace, then we need to become disciples of The Word, taking into our hearts so that the transformation He desires for us can become our reality.

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