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Guywire's 40 Day Study - The Word - Day 33

1 John 1:1

John begins both his gospel and his letter in the same way, by acknowledging that Jesus is The Living Word of God. That should foster trust in us as to the authority and role Jesus occupies in your days.

This passage also confirms Jesus' role in your life as the preserver of your life. Only The One who brings life could save your life. Only The One who stood in the gap for you could preserve your eternal life. Only The One who walks this earth could speak with authority into all the details of your days. Only He could bring a preservation influence into each moment you walk this earth.

Today’s passage is also powerful in its first hand account. Testimony is very powerful. It engenders trust in words because the words are born from experience. Today’s passage is a statement as to the validity of the words we read. It was written from this disciple’s first hand account. He walked with Jesus. He lived with Jesus. He experienced the life preserving influence of Christ.

Let this testimony engender trust in you. Let The Word of God take root in your heart. Invite Our Lord in every minute detail of your days. There is nothing too big or nothing too small for Him. He cares about what you care about. He knows your needs and desires.

He is the giver of your life and He looks after that life

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