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Guywire's 40 Day Study - The Word - Day 31

Today’s passage is taken from the parable of The Sower. In it, Jesus describes the four conditions of the human heart and the impact each has on life. Today’s passage outlines condition four.

This man living in this condition is living with maximum effectiveness. He has taken to heart the commands from Christ we have explored the last few days.

He is a man who heeds the words of God. He seeks this treasure trove of knowledge. For God gives understanding to know who He is and how He moves. He gains wisdom and discernment for daily decision making and evaluation for the paths before him. He approaches God with a growth mindset.

He is a man who stores up the knowledge of God in his heart. He pushes the Word of God deep down inside his heart. He studies The Word, he meditates on it and he prays over it. He stacks The Word up in layer upon layer in his heart until this knowledge is at his fingertips to use. He’s creating a resource. A provision that can be called on in good days and bad.

And he is a man who wields The Word. He understands God doesn’t give you all this freely accessible learning just for the sake of study. He is meant to use it. He means for him to apply it. He applies the knowledge God has given for his growth, for all the details of his own life, but more importantly for the missions God calls him to.

All of us are called to this condition of living. A place of deep understanding and wisdom about God’s Word. Through this understanding and application you will see the preservation of God, the light of Christ shine in your days. Even in the darkest of days, when it may seem that God is so far away, it is this reservoir of His knowledge that will sustain you and bring you through to the other side.

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