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Guywire's 40 Day Study - The Word - Day 30

Hear and act. Do and do not. Wise and foolish.

The teacher must teach. The student must apply the teachings. This is the root of wisdom. To be wise is to use your experience and knowledge and to move toward a result that is ideal.

What is the result we choose when we build our life foundation on His Word? We build a life that is resilient to the inevitable storms found in our lives. We connect fully to our purpose. We live in synchrony with our Creator.

On the other hand is building our lives on the shifting sands of the current culture. Just as right and wrong, terrible and acceptable, shift to meet our current cultural definition, so will our life foundation be without true, solid support.

Jesus provides clear contrast for us in this teaching. There is no doubt that action and inaction bear results that are spectacularly different.

Truth is in The Word. Wisdom lies in applying The Word to our lives daily.

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