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Guywire's 40 Day Study - The Word - Day 28

God’s command to the Prophet Ezekiel is unmistakable: Heed God’s Word.

It seems incredible that this is such a radical message today. I recently listened to a Christian radio show that discussed the emergence of the term “nones”, as in “none of the above.” The host felt as if a new category to describe non-believers was necessary to reflect today’s reality. Our world seems filled with people who just don’t care; they can’t be bothered with religion. They’re not atheists or agnostics as they haven’t thought about it enough to fit in either of those categories. Hence the term “nones.”

While Ezekiel’s world wasn’t filled with “nones,” it was filled with rebellious people who were not willing to listen to The Word. In fact, God called these people obstinate and stubborn. Yet, regardless of the distractions of a rebellious culture, regardless of the fact that Ezekiel was trapped in a foreign land, God’s message was clear: listen carefully and take to heart all the words I speak to you.

Whether living in ancient Babylon or our current world the message to believers is the same: we should stand in marked contrast to the rebellious. Perhaps an appropriate phrase for today would be to “drown out the noise.” We need to reject the distractions of the culture and heed God’s Word.

Let us do just that.

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