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Guywire's 40 Day Study - The Word - Day 15

I’m going to peel back a layer or two and be bluntly honest with you. Even though I know I should, I find it very difficult to be obedient to God all the time. I think it’s partly my “guy” nature; I don’t necessarily appreciate being told what to do or how to do it, and I tend to bristle when I fell like anyone thinks they know better than I do. I think it’s also partly because I get something out of DISobedience. There is some reinforcement, some kick, some pleasure or satisfaction that occurs.

Peeling back another layer here. Even though there is something beckoning me to disobedience, and even though there is some fleeting reward, I end up back in a disturbingly familiar place where I feel dirty, unworthy, lost, stupid. I practically marvel at my own inability to learn a simple lesson. I feel disgusted with myself. Woe is me! I am like a man stumbling along in the darkness, vainly wishing for the flare of a match, a sliver of moonlight, ANY illumination to help keep me from falling …again.

Now, I’m going to ask YOU to peel a few layers back with me. Have you ever felt this way? Ever come to that low place of discouragement where you feel like you’ll never be good enough, worthy enough, obedient enough? Are you bruised, bleeding, beat up from falling over and over?

Today’s Scripture tells us that this is the time to “trust in the name of The Lord, and rely on your God”. Jesus is holding out hope to you, and He is The Light that will brighten your path. He is The living, incarnate Word, and He will help you as you strive to be obedient. But… there is something we must do first. Read those verses again. We have to admit our need to Him, and make ourselves vulnerable to Him. We must TRUST Him, and RELY on Him..

Now peel off that last layer, and receive this news with joy! Jesus is always trustworthy, and He is infallibly reliable!!

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