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Guywire's 40 Day Study - Praise - Day 22


Today the Psalmist gives us so much to think about in just this one verse. We are told to give thanks to The Lord, and then we are told why we are to give thanks - because He is good.

Have you ever thought about the concept of goodness? Where does it come from?

Apart from God, there is no foundation for good or bad, right or wrong, moral or immoral. God is the absolute source of all that is good in this world and He has implanted that knowledge of good in our hearts.

In addition to His goodness, the Psalmist reminds us that God’s love endures forever.

I think it’s easy to gloss over that part of the verse. When you think about the vastness of the universe and the multitudes of people in the world, it’s incredible that God loves each and every one of us as individuals.

Let us never forget God’s goodness and enduring love.

Your Brothers in Christ,

Guywire Ministry

Copyright 2021

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