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30 Days of Hope - Day 2

Our Hope for this day is our Savior

In this passage David is clearly verbalizing his devotion to the Lord. His prayer is for God to draw him a roadmap and teach him. His heart is in check, his commitment is complete and he is strong in hope.

We NEED a daily hope in God. Hope is not just for the next life. He wants us walking in hope all day, every day, of this life. 

Moving through a difficult season is possible only with the right guidance. There is nowhere worth going if God isn’t leading.

How do we do that? One day at a time. Focusing clearly on our God, our Savior. Time to read the Word. Time to pray. Time to listen.    

Just a few short weeks ago, my daily life was full and busy and typical. Prayer and meditation was occurring. Sometimes, I admit, it was when I could fit it in. This time of life has led me to lean more completely into God’s plan for my day more than any other time in my life. The radical shift we have all experienced can be a catalyst for an amazing surge in your relationship with the Holy Spirit.  

I am learning more than ever that we do have access to a peace that surpasses anything the world offers. I am praying that you are feeling the comfort and hope only He can provide.

Your Brothers in Christ,

Guywire Ministry

We are here for you. If any of you has questions or needs to talk with one of us in the weeks ahead, please contact us.

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