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40 Day Study -Understanding - Day 8


It is not known with certainty whose earthly hand authored Psalm 119

(some suggest Ezra the priest); what IS certain is that over and over, this Psalm highlights the value of God's Word...and over and over, we are exhorted in this Psalm to seek understanding of God's Word.

Consider the psalmist's prayer: "Cause me to understand the way of your precepts....".  This very short prayer is rife with Godly undertone:

--There is an element of surrender, of yielding. The psalmist is stepping out of the way and giving permission for God to DO.

--There is humility in the request.  By asking for understanding, the

psalmist is acknowledging that God's ways are better.

--There is obedience in this prayer.  We hold that "all Scripture is

God-breathed", so what we have here is a writer who is faithfully following God's inspiration and letting us know that God Himself instructs us to seek to understand - and follow - His ways.

God's Word. Living. Active. As pertinent today as it was thousands of

years ago - perhaps even more so!  More valuable than all wealth and treasure.  As you make your prayers and ask for understanding, do so in surrender, humility, and obedience.... and He will sow understanding into the soil of your heart.

Your Brothers in Christ,

Guywire Ministry

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