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40 Day Study -Understanding - Day 7

Matthew 15:21-28


Today’s passage highlights the deeper understanding to be found in God’s Word when we choose to be available to His teaching.

In this passage Jesus enters a house and He’s actually looking to go unseen (Mark 7). But this woman sees Him and relentlessly pursues Him asking for healing for her daughter. In the midst of the exchange He says to her, “It’s not right for me to take the bread for the children’s table and throw it to the dogs.”

I have read that passage many times in my life and every time I stopped at that quote. It appears harsh. However, what I’ve come to realize is I was missing the profound truth to be found in this passage. 

Understand that Jesus didn’t waste words. He knew His words would be scrutinized because He wasn’t just speaking to that generation He was speaking for all the generations to come. This moment, like so many others demonstrates God’s ways of looking at and assessing the condition of our heart. He was looking into this woman’s heart and He could see how she felt about herself, His words were meant to elicit a response. 

When the woman responded we saw the understanding that her heart had arrived at. In response to Jesus she replied, ‘yes but even the dogs eat the crumbs under the table”. Jesus remarked about Her great faith and her daughter was instantly healed. End of story. Wait, what happened there? Why the apparent change in course by Jesus. 

Jesus drew to the surface what He wanted highlighted, for this woman, the people nearby and for all of us. She knew something profound that we all need to understand. Even the smallest crumb, the smallest scrap of God’s Word has immense transformational value. She knew one word from Jesus would alter the life of her daughter and she relentlessly pursued it.

There is nothing more valuable you can pursue in this life than the understanding of even the smallest scrap of His Word. It will alter your life. Make yourself available to Him.

Your Brothers in Christ,

Guywire Ministry

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