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40 Day Study -Understanding - Day 6


For those who attended our recent Connect event, perhaps you'll remember the graphic that Derek shared during his talk; the picture of a field full of beautiful yellow mustard blooms, and a huge, fully developed mustard tree standing guard over that field. Do something for me:  read again today's verses in Matthew with that visual in mind, right now.  How do you relate the visual and verse? Here's what I see...

A very long time ago, that very small seed was intentionally sown. Over time, that huge tree grew, all the while producing more and more seed, populating the whole field, ultimately growing and sustaining everything for as far as the eye can see... and still it grows now, to the point where it has become a place of refuge, rest, and nourishment.  Do you shelter in those lush branches?

Another thought :  one could make the argument that that whole field, the entire scene, is the product of that one original tiny seed... and therefore, by virtue of that seed, all things in that vast field are related...of the same  Will you be counted among the members of that family?

Your Brothers in Christ,

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