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40 Day Study -Understanding - Day 36


Today’s passage rounds out something important we’ve talked about since we started this 40 Day journey.  There is a Path to Understanding spiritual things of God.

It begins when we apply our hearts to understanding as stated in Proverbs 2. It is those intentional first steps to discover who God is and how He relates to you. When you do this you will eventually discover the most critical piece of your journey with God.  As Proverbs 9 tells us, knowledge of The Holy One (Jesus) is understanding.  Jesus is your savior and catalyst for change in your lives.  But we were never meant to stop there.  Knowledge of Jesus is the beginning of Understanding.  

Woven through this entire journey is The Spirit. The Spirit is here that we may understand all that God has freely given us. It is He who first drew you to Jesus and reminds you of His Words. The final and life long step on this path is ongoing spiritual understanding and wisdom.

There is a wisdom that God reserves for those who walk with Him.  It is a spiritual wisdom that only those who are living a Spirit-led life will understand. It is a deep wisdom of God that is much greater than human wisdom. Spirit led men are able to receive it and apply it to their lives in the choices we need to make every day. They are able to evaluate  or discern all things. 

Read the entirety of this chapter and it will illuminate your soul.  God has sent His Spirit so that you may share in His thoughts.  That you may know Him in deep meaningful ways. Keep your feet to the path for The Spirit has more to teach you.

Your Brothers in Christ,

Guywire Ministry

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