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40 Day Study -Understanding - Day 31



This is how God counters the anxieties and fears we are living through right now.

He illuminates His Word for us. He helps us understand that we are not alone. That He has always been with us. That He has a plan for our lives that He will see to fruition.

When God opens your mind and pours His truth like water deep into the core of your being, it changes your perspective. He helps us see we are not meant to fumble through life like we are trying to feel our way through an unlit room.  

He wants you to comprehend deep truths about who He is and the power of His presence in your life. He’s all over your life. He cares about the details or your life because He knows you care about them.

In today’s passage, Jesus opened the minds of His disciples and they finally grasped what Jesus had done to execute the long laid plan of His Father. The plan to rescue everyone, forever. 

That same plan was meant for you. So that you could stand in your Father’s presence. So you could come to know Him. So that you could grasp, through what Jesus did, how much He invested in you. Because He cares about you.

Ask God for illumination. Ask Him to open your minds and help you understand how He works, so that you will walk sure footed through these days.

Your Brothers in Christ,

Guywire Ministry

Copyright 2020

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