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40 Day Study -Understanding - Day 27


One constant theme throughout our study has been the tremendous value of God’s Word. Today’s verse is no exception, as Jesus warns us to avoid the traps of this life, like carousing, drunkenness, and anxiety.

Traps can be hard to avoid, as we all know. That's why they're called traps; we don't always see them coming. Other times we see the traps, but we don't think they are a big deal. 

These traps are like the thorns along the path. Anyone who participated in our virtual Connect might remember Scott making a great point about small thorns.  Sometimes we dismiss the small ones, and all of a sudden they have grown too big to dismiss and they have become a real problem. The thorns in our lives that Jesus warns us about are no different. And they’re much more dangerous than literal thorns as they don’t just cause pain; they prevent our spiritual growth.

I was recently listening to a podcast featuring John Lennox that reminded me of this subject. At the end of his lecture he took audience questions, including one about what he imagined he would do upon entering heaven. Lennox responded by discussing a number of things, but one part of his answer really stood out to me. He said he imagines that it will be so glorious that he will regret not having invested more into the future while he was on earth.

In other words, avoid the traps of this life and invest in what really counts.

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