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40 Day Study -Understanding - Day 23


Remember bumper cars? That popular ride at most fairs and theme parks. Always long lines of people waiting to get in and ride a car headlong in every direction into walls and other cars. It felt so care free. We laughed and laughed at the complete abandonment of all rules of the road. Why couldn’t life be like this...this Illusion.  

That’s what it was an illusion. In fact, it was controlled chaos. Many safety precautions were put in place to deliver us the illusion of a rule free zone.

All of us at some time or another bristle at rules. We push back against anything that seems to keep us on a certain course. Society sometimes gives this attitude a seal of approval, calling it a free spirit.

What if we took that same approach to our actual driving? Would we feel carefree and be full of laughter as we careened headlong into other cars or median barriers? Of course not. But Why? Any driver understands that certain rules have been put in place to protect us, to protect others and see us successfully arrive at our planned destination.

So often we are willing to submit to these rules of the road, but we are not willing to apply the same level of understanding to the wise commands and decrees of God. We read in Nehemiah 9:26 how the people intentionally put God’s Law behind their backs - they refused to look at it to their regret. 

God gives us commands, rules for living, and then He gives us understanding of those rules for our benefit. Whenever you don’t comprehend why God is directing you to do something, to live a certain way, ask Him, He’ll help you understand. He is invested in seeing you arrive successfully and expeditiously at the place He has planned for you.

Your Brothers in Christ,

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