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40 Day Study -Understanding - Day 20


Foundations are critical to any structure.  Ask any builder and they will tell you - don’t cut corners on the foundation if you want your structure to have staying power.  

This parable dovetails with the Parable of the Sower we have been using as the centerpiece of our understanding exploration.  In the Sower parable, Jesus makes the point that strong roots are needed to go deep into the soil to support the strong plant.  The plant that will go on to bear much fruit. 

Jesus tells us again in today’s passage that there is great importance in being anchored.  Whether through roots or a rock solid foundation, we need to be anchored.  Where?  To Him.  Why?  Jesus is certainly clear in these illustrations that, in this life, there are forces that will work against us. Rocks, thorns, wind and rain. Sorrow, loss, pandemics and civil upheaval.  When that occurs (not if) a strongly anchored building or plant will persevere and go on to serve its purpose.  

Let’s be clear though.  Jesus is not really interested in farming or construction best practices here.  He’s interested in you.  He is imploring you to take a firm hold onto Him because there is a plan for you in Him. Because in this life there will be trouble.  And when we are anchored to Him we do not have to fear.  We can move into His promise of life...and have it to the full.  

Be encouraged!

Your Brothers in Christ,

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