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40 Day Study -Understanding - Day 10


Today we read about the foundational issue of condition 1: understanding. Condition 1 is the seed along the path. Remember, the Parable of the Sower really isn’t about the sower, it’s about the soil. Therefore, don’t ask yourself why the farmer planted seed on a hard path that he should have known wouldn’t produce good crops. Instead, ask yourself what Jesus was comparing packed soil to in our lives. Just like packed earth is an obstacle to literal growth, what in our lives can become an obstacle to spiritual growth?

Unlike most of the parables, Jesus explained this one for us. We discover in today’s passage that one obstacle to spiritual growth is our lack of understanding. When we don’t understand God’s Word, our spiritual growth is stunted. 

It sounds strange, but even after Jesus explains the parable, it can still be confusing. What does Jesus mean by understanding? Is it an academic meaning? Is it like understanding different cultures or languages that many of us find nearly impossible? Fortunately, it means something very different. God wants us to understand His word, and He has left us the tools to do so.

As we work our way through the week, let us look forward to understanding God’s Word and the spiritual growth that accompanies it.

Your Brothers in Christ,

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