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30 Days of Hope - Day 29

Brothers and Sisters,

In today’s passage the Apostle Paul talks about a word that has become more common in popular culture since the rapid spread of Coronavirus: Hope. I see it on doors, on signs, and all over social media. What does it really mean? Should we have hope in these difficult times, or will we be disappointed? Well, if we put our hope in the things of this world then we will be disappointed.

Fortunately, our Hope is not in the things of this world. Instead, as Christians we have a confidence that God’s ultimate purpose for us will be realized, regardless of our current struggles. This is not some sort of unfounded optimism, but instead an assurance that God’s plan will prevail.

The apostle also reminds us that God has left us with the amazing gift of The Holy Spirit. Jesus told His followers that they would never be alone, and that He had to leave so that The Spirit could come. Take solace in knowing that The Spirit walks with us every day. He is our comforter and our counselor here on Earth.

It is interesting to note that today’s passage is part of a greater piece that Paul wrote about peace and joy. Let us realize peace and joy in the Hope that we have.

Yours Brothers in Christ,

Guywire Ministry

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