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30 Days of Hope - Day 10

Brothers and Sisters,

The Psalmist reminds us of the great benefit we have in trusting God. God promises not to forsake those who seek Him. 

Even though we might understand this promise intellectually, we can still sometimes feel abandoned when living with the realities of a broken world. For instance, it is impossible to turn on the TV or open a newspaper without being overwhelmed by news of the Coronavirus. I can feel my blood pressure increasing just reading the word “Coronavirus.” It immediately fills me with anxiety.

It is interesting to put the words of the Psalmist in context. Like many of the Psalms, the writer is praising God.  In this instance, he is praising God for God’s deliverance from hostile nations. Imagine the anxiety and despair people must have felt dealing with those hostile nations. We don’t know all of the details or the specific occasion, but that is irrelevant. What we do know is that God did not forsake those in older times, and He will not forsake us.

Let us praise the Lord and rejoice in the fact that even in difficult times He will not forsake us; instead, He is with us.

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