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The CONNECT ONLINE Experience 

FREE Interactive Online Event Took Place June 12th

  • New FREE 40 Day Email Study

  • Receive a FREE Psalms Study Guide 

Theme - PRAISE

  • Understand why God calls us to Praise

  • Value the impact of intentional Praise

  • Learn 4 Acts of Praise critical in these times

  • Experience the benefits of Praise


  • Discover why God puts such an emphasis on it

  • Learn how it grows your relationship with God

  • See how it shifts your approach to life's challenges


The New 40 Day Study "Praise" - 

FREE 40 Day Email Study – with daily email encouragements

This study unpacks the topics from CONNECT event on June 6th. 

Discover why God puts such an emphasis on PRAISE, how it grows your relationship with God and how it can shift your approach to life's challenges.

Connect Talks
Discover 4 Acts of Praise that are Critical Actions in these times

Talk "CONNECT Intro"

Speakers -  Derek Stearns and Derek Churchill


  • Learn the foundation of this year's theme "Praise"

  • Preview the 4 Talks of CONNECT 2021

  • Discover a new Study tool for understanding Psalms in a new way.

Talk "CRY OUT"

Speakers - Ed Dann and Derek Stearns


  • When we cry out something has gone drastically wrong.“This isn’t how I dreamt life would go.”

  • Crying out to God can lead you on a Pathway to Praise.

  • Crying out to God is a healthy thing to do, calling out to Him sooner than later yields the best fruits in our lives.


Speaker - Scott Chapman


  • We are designed / wired to remember

  • Intentionally remembering Jesus’ hand in our lives strengthens our relationship with Him

  • Remembering instructs us for the future


Speaker - Bob Davidson


  • We have many reasons to thank God

  • God’s people have a history of taking blessings for granted

  • We should have a mindset of gratitude for Christ’s atoning sacrifice


Speaker - Derek Churchill


  • Praise draws us near to God.

  • Praise elevates God above our challenges and diminishes fear in our eyes.

  • Exalting God is an action against the challenges (giants) in our lives.

Connect Worship
Led by the Guywire Worship Band 


"Our God"

"Reckless Love"

"Behold Him"

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