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 Know God and His impact on our lives

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CONNECT Experience June 11th (FREE)


New Theme - The Word

Join us on a journey this year to discover God's Word in new ways and the impact His Word has in our lives.

-The CONNECT Experience Saturday June 11th (In-person and online)

-The WORD - 40 Day Study June-July 2022

-5 Weeks Men's Study (The Word)- June -July 2022


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'22 - Growth-Adventure-Connection-Service

New Experiences Added
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The Word - 40 Days for Men (FREE)

Coming in June...

A Unique 40 Day experience including email study, Zoom online study and Campfire Study. 

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CONNECT Exp. '21
CONNECT Experience 
Teachings and Worship
The Theme - PRAISE.
(Remember What The Lord has done)
Celebrating 10 Years!
Honored to be spotlighted by Man in the Mirror as we begin our 10th year in ministry. Grateful to God for the unique path He led us on to get here. Grateful for all the lives that have been a part of this journey.
Learn some of the story.
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Guywire is committed to Men’s Growth through a number of unique spiritual development opportunities


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Adventure outings connecting men with God and Guys in His creation with spiritual development and premier trekking

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Serving men with unique leadership development experiences in both the ministry and marketplace areas