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Guywire's 40 Day Study - Praise - Day 9


When we CRY OUT to God we are finally admitting that we need Him. That takes a lot for us to get to that point. Why is it that we are reluctant to cry out? Do we have too much pride? Or are we ignorant to the fact that we need God. Our culture has been developing for decades a POV of self sufficiency. We take pride in being self-sufficient. Especially here in the Northeast. Asking for help is not a natural thing for us men.

When we do get to that point where we are “at the end of ourselves” we are vulnerable. Now vulnerability does not mean weak or lost, it means we have allowed ourselves to let our guard down. This is the place where God meets us. He is waiting for us to need him. He is waiting to hear from us. This is the beginning of a personal relationship with our Maker. We come before Him and let Him see and hear everything from us. This takes courage and no ego.

Our egos keep us from God. When we admit we no longer know what to do then we lean on God and He starts His work with us. The tricky part is when we get to this point we need to find a way to stay there. Stay where we are so we can continue to grow with God, learn about ourselves and heal. Crying out leads to healing and God is the center of that healing.

Let's continue to turn to God and let Him have it all. All the pain, the hurts, the anger and the incredible joy of being grateful for His gift of life. If it all comes from Him then we need to accept that and not hold ourselves back from needing Him. Our crying out can lead to praising God. We can cry out in pain and we can also cry out to honor Him.

Your Brothers in Christ,

Guywire Ministry

Copyright 2021

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