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Impact of Understanding #5

Patience has become a rare commodity these days.  It seems like a foreign concept. There are so many things pulling at us or pushing against us both on a personal level and across the globe.

We are living in reactionary times.  We are being driven by a trigger effect.  Emotions are running high.  Even when not outwardly displayed there is a simmering happening beneath the surface that can boil over when enough pressure builds up.

We are living in an edgy time.  It’s understandable.  We are facing a global threat to our personal health. Social issues are being played out on the streets. The political barometer is topping out. The things we have always taken for granted to be readily accessible have now become challenges in and of themselves, food, supplies, social gatherings, school.

All I hear lately is, “I am so sick of all this”, “I’m so over this”, “Enough is enough”.

However, this is a time for keen self awareness.  A time for understanding where you are emotionally on any given day.  A time to practice forbearance and not take sharp words to heart. A time for patience.

Today’s passage highlights this needed behavior for today. 

The quick tempered man displays folly.  We need to be aware of this.  Proverbs isn’t just referring to foolish words, it's also referring to actions.  Missteps and traps that are waiting to ensnare us when we act without understanding and patience.

In contrast, the man of understanding puts patience to use with great effect. He is able to assess where he is emotionally on a given day and avoid reactionary speech. He is able to discern the emotional states and intentions of others and avoid misperception. He walks with awareness of his surroundings and in so doing avoids missteps. 

Why is this possible? The man of understanding displays patience in first inquiring of The Lord on the response he should give or the action he should take.  

God is patient.  It is a quality we should strive to emulate. He has been patient with us as a people since the world began.  He was patient in laying out a long term plan to bring His people back into His presence through Jesus.  He is daily patient with each of us, even when we mistakenly rail at Him for the challenges we are experiencing.

Spend time with God and ask Him to deepen your understanding.  The impact of this is an ability to display patience in reactionary times.

Your Brothers in Christ,

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