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40 Day Study -Understanding - Day 34


Responsive.  That is what sets good soil apart from other soil.  Good soil has the ability to retain important inputs such as nutrients and water and respond by supporting plant growth.

Responsiveness is the place Jesus desires for you and the result of the work of The Spirit in your life. 

A heart that is operating at Condition 4 is responsive.  A man’s heart in this condition hears the Word, retains The Word, understands the Word and is capable of exponential growth.   We get to this good soil condition through a Spirit-led existence. Like a man working the soil, The Spirit is constantly working and tilling the heart of a man so that the seed of God’s Word will take root in our lives. 

This exponential growth isn’t all about others. First, God wants to grow You! He wants to give you a deep understanding of who He is and about deep truths in His Word that can transform how you see Him and the course of your days. To prepare you for this journey He first prepares the soil of your heart. For good soil is needed to go deep with God.

God’s desire is to set your foot on a path of understanding.  It is a path that will stretch the rest of your days. He desires to walk beside you into a deep and meaningful relationship that will exceed any in your life. Ask The Spirit to do the tiling work in your life. Ask Him to prepare your heart to understand.

Your Brothers in Christ,

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