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40 Day Study -Understanding - Day 22


I have a confession to make.  I've never done a study like this before that has caused me to look so critically at my own "heart condition".  I'll tell you this, too.  I haven't always liked what I've seen.

Take today's verse in Proverbs, for instance.  I read the first sentence and think, "I absolutely DO trust the Lord".  Then I read on and immediately get snagged.  You see, if I'm being honest, I rely on myself way too much.  Maybe you're a bit like me:  fix it, find a way, figure it out, leave me be, I've got this, I don't need no help!  That mindset fits nicely into the world's expectations, but when examined through the lens of today's verse, I am forced to admit that I don't demonstrate full trust in The Lord very well.  That verse, that one sentence stops me cold.  If I am habitually leaning on myself, I'm not giving my whole heart to The Lord...and that means I'm not fully trusting Him. Not only is that foolish, it's actually disobedient...and it has to change.

Just last month, I put in a large garden.  It went differently than last year though.  You see, this Spring I bought a heavy-duty rototiller.  It's a beast and you'd better hold on for dear life.  Last year, my garden wasn't much of a success, because, for a variety of reasons, I could not properly prepare the soil.  Not so this year!  I tilled and chopped and churned that soil, and already I can see a huge difference. My garden promises to be bountiful this year.  But you know what surprised me?  In the tilling process, I could not believe how many rocks I churned up and removed.  I ain't talking no pebbles, either.  I'm talking fist-sized rocks, and bigger, a whole pile of rocks that I never knew were in there. No wonder my previous garden attempt was a failure. I had sown into rocky ground.

Guys, you see where I'm going with this?  Perhaps it's time to allow Jesus to till and prepare the soil of our hearts.  Yes, tilling is rough, dirty, hard work.  But if you trust Him with all your heart, the harvest will be worth it.

Your Brothers in Christ,

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