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40 Day Study -Understanding - Day 19


Today we read from one of the great discourses in Matthew. In this passage from the Sermon on the Mount Jesus commands us to be like salt. In other words, we need to have an allegiance to Jesus and to the gospel.

Like many Scriptural references to everyday life thousands of years ago, this one can be confusing at first. For example, to be salty today has taken on a meaning of being abrasive and on edge. Additionally, we’ve probably never tasted salt that lost its saltiness. So, what did Jesus mean? In Jesus’s time, salt had tremendous value both as a preservative and as a flavoring. And unlike today, salt could lose its saltiness. Most of the salt in Israel came from the Dead Sea, and it was filled with impurities. These impurities caused the salt to lose some of its flavor. The comparison that Jesus made was that the “ruined” salt that lost its saltiness is like the man who has chooses to stop walking with God: they've lost what makes them valuable.

As Jesus explains, there are serious consequences to losing saltiness. The salt is no good, and is thrown out or trampled on by men. In a similar account in Luke’s gospel, Jesus explains that salt that loses its saltiness isn’t even good enough for the manure pile.

Well, how do we keep our saltiness? 

As we continue our study this week on Condition 2, let’s remember what happens to the seed that fell on rocky places: it had no roots. Likewise, the man with no roots, or no spiritual foundation, quickly falls away. What are the rocks in our lives that can stunt our spiritual growth and cause us to lose our saltiness?

Men, let us pray that we can remain salty and avoid the obstacles in our daily walk that prevent our spiritual growth.

Your Brothers in Christ,

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