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30 Days of Hope - Day 23

Friends -

One of the toughest tests of our faith revolves around the fact that we are not able to see God in the traditional, visual sense. The world has taught us, and continues to encourage us to think in concrete, sensory terms. For instance, if my wife sits next to me, she must be real. If I pick up an especially beautiful rock at the beach, it must exist.

With God, it isn't that easy. We see Him in His creative work in nature, we see Him in His manifestations of love, we feel His presence in The Holy Spirit. However, without faith we cannot access Him. In today's passage, Peter is arguing that though we face trials, and though we don't see Him with our earthly eyes, faith can usher us through.

If you dig deeper into the passage, you will see that our faith has value. Faith in Christ is worth holding onto because it will not fade or tarnish, and it cannot be taken away. How many things in this life can you say that about?

Our faith is in the unseen but very real - and ONLY - Living hope. He - Jesus, our living hope - is the only one to ever conquer death. Because He is the Living Hope, He is a hope for every moment and day in our lives. Faith in this Hope will not disappoint.

Yours Brothers in Christ,

Guywire Ministry

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